Officials In India Burn Down Cannabis Forest

A special team of forest department officials in India discovered and subsequently burned a crop of nearly one thousand cannabis plants, that were illegally cultivated near the reserved forest in Kurumalai, India.

District Forest Officer Muhammed Shabab, who headed the special operation on Saturday and Sunday, told The Hindu that the cannabis plants were grown with other plants in few specific areas of the forest near the Kurumalai belt.

Cannabis Plants Destroyed

“The special team, comprising nearly 100 forest department employees, have to travel through difficult terrains by a combination of vehicle journey and trekking for 10 hours from Udumalpet before reaching the locality where the cannabis plants were grown, after a tip-off was received,” pointed out Mr. Shabab.

The cannabis plants that were destroyed were at varying stages of growth and found in different spots over a total expanse of 10 square meters (33 feet).


The Detailed Inquiry

Sources added that the forest officials had commenced a detailed inquiry to locate the people who cultivated the cannabis plants.

Mr. Shabab hinted at the continuance of searches in nearby localities too in the coming days to rule out possibilities of any other illegal cultivation operations.

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