Cannabis Vending Machines To Compliment Local Dispensaries

Never has purchasing cannabis been so accessible. Welcome to the future, Cannabis Vending Machines courtesy of Grasshopper Kiosks.

It appears at least part of the legal cannabis industry is on the cusp of becoming a leader in computing and automation. Vending company Grasshopper Kiosks has announced the launch of its newest series of Automated Sales Kiosks, designed specifically for storing and dispensing cannabis.


The New Age of Vending Machines

Dispensaries are a fairly new cultural commodity. However, it appears we’re already ushering in a new era of dispensaries that can cater to a cannabis enthusiast’s every need.

Grasshopper’s automated vending machines are designed to comply with the growing cannabis industry’s various rules and regulations.

The new vending machine systems will provide proper climate-controlled storage for the cannabis products, including edibles, pre-rolls and more. The vending machines will not be limited to plants, but will also other popular products in the industry.

Dispensary owners are excited and anticipating the new collection of vapes, concentrates, and various smoking accessories will also be available for purchase through the vending machines. Users can purchase up to 60 SKUs of merchandise per transaction through an interactive touchscreen menu.

These self-serve dispensaries will also be required to have a Controlled Access Inventory System. Essentially, purchases will be dispensed via a proprietary tracking software that will match up with the industry’s Point of Sale systems, something that is required in the regulated cannabis industry.

Additionally, the vending machines will include payment tracking to facilitate transaction times. The kiosks will also simultaneously collect data to determine current sales trends in the market.


The CEO of Grasshopper Kiosks, Martin Kaufman, has a high level of experience in the legal cannabis industry. He is the co-founder of Blum, the first-ever publicly traded chain of cannabis dispensaries. Kaufman believes his dispensary experience is integral for the smooth transition to automated systems.

“Running compliant dispensaries in multiple markets drove the development of the Grasshopper Kiosk,” Kaufman said in a press release.

“The industry’s current POS systems leave a lot to be desired. These platforms tend to be developed in a vacuum, without input from the end users.”


He continued:

“We credit collaborating with accomplished industry associates, along with our previous dispensary experience, for the successful development of the Grasshopper solution.”

“We’re looking forward to helping our clients enhance efficiencies and increase margins at the retail level.”

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