Israel Certifies 100 New Doctors To Help Expedite Cannabis Licenses

The long and gruesome bureaucratic process required for Israel patients to receive a medical cannabis license is over after one hundred doctors from within Israel’s public health sector received their certifications to sign and prescribe cannabis licenses on the spot.

Quicker Turnover for Cannabis Licenses

The process to obtain a medical cannabis license will be shortened as an additional 100 doctors from within the public health sector will be certified to prescribe. Last month, a ceremony was held at Tel Hashomer Hospital in which the certificates were handed to the group of physicians.

“The administration of cannabis becomes like that of any other drug,” said Dr. Moshe Zer-Zion, one of the newly certified doctors.

Until now, receiving a license involved a complicated bureaucratic process. Only Dr. Michael Dor, the deputy director of the medical cannabis unit at the Israeli Health Ministry was authorized to prescribe a medical cannabis license.

Israel Cannabis Licenses

The Old Process

Patients were first referred to a specialist from whom they would receive a recommendation that was then sent to the ministry. There, the request was examined by doctors working in the Medical Cannabis Unit which was then passed down to Dr. Dor for his final signature.

The cumbersome process had many implications for patients, including economic repercussions. In the past, patients needed to wait a long time, sometimes even over a year, to receive an appointment with a specialist at a pain clinic. Those who did not want to or could not wait could pay 1,400 NIS to go to a private clinic.

The New Process

Newly certified doctors will be able to prescribe a license at a fixed cost of 250 NIS, without any specialists’ recommendation or committee’s approval.

With the new cannabis licensing process in place and botany & science educations in high demand at Israeli colleges, it would seem that Israel is taking the international lead with cannabis legalization and the reversal of prohibition as we know it.

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