How To Smoke Cannabis: A Step-by-Step Guide

If you have no access to edibles and you want to get high you’ll have to learn how to smoke cannabis.

Learning how to smoke cannabis isn’t hard. In fact, you’ll have plenty of ways to go about it. You can smoke a bowl, joint, or a bong. Each one has their own technique. If you don’t smoke the right way you run the risk of not getting high. That’s pretty much the worst case scenario when it comes to smoking cannabis. From packing bowls to rolling up, we’ll tell you everything you need to know to get high on the first try.

Let’s go over how to smoke cannabis from a pipe.

How To Smoke Cannabis In A Pipe

One of the fastest ways to get high is to smoke a bowl. However, if you don’t know what you’re doing you’ll be burning weed without getting high. If you’re using a metal, clay, or wooden pipe you can usually just pack weed in it and light it. However, using a standard glass spoon pipe you’ll want to learn the following technique.

Step 1: Grinding

Before you smoke your bowl you’ll have to grind some weed up. Don’t grind it too fine or it’ll fall through the hole. Then, you’ll have flying pieces of burning plant matter flying into the back of your throat. Using a grinder is better than breaking your bud down by hand. This is because you get a more consistent grind, which allows the fire to burn and spread with ease. Once you’ve got your buds ground up you’re ready to pack the bowl.

Step 2: Loading The Bowl

Use your finger tips to pinch a pile off the ground up nugs. Then, you can drop it into the bowl and pack it down. The fewer gaps the less likely it all sinks in and flies into your mouth. Pack it to the top of the bowl, or as much as you want.

Step 3: Cover The Carb

If you’ve never learned how to smoke a bowl before this is an important step to know. Make sure you tell your friends who might be smoking for the first time to put their finger on the carb hole before they spark it. If you neglect this step you will get slim to no smoke.

Step 4: Spark It

With your finger firmly on the carb hole, spark a corner of the bowl and inhale. If you’re smoking it yourself feel free to light the whole thing but lighting a corner of the bowl is the preferred method in groups. That way everyone gets some fresh greens.

Step 5: Clear And Exhale

As the smoke fills the bowl it’ll start to feel a little harsh. Remove your finger from the carb hole at the appropriate time and all the smoke in the bowl will rush into your lungs. If it felt too harsh remove your finger from the carb sooner the next time. If you didn’t cough your lungs out on the first hit you can usually get a second hit without relighting the bowl. Just put your finger on the carb hole, inhale, and remove it again when you’re ready to clear it. Now you know how to smoke a bowl the right way.


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