10 Cannabis Advocates in Professional Sports

2Many people have discussed how medical cannabis can help former professional athletes deal with injuries sustained during their playing days. Unfortunately, not too many popular stars have come out and advocated for cannabis. But the ones who do make excellent cases to prove their points.

Here are the 10 biggest advocates of cannabis in professional sports.

10. Nate Jackson

Jackson may not be the most well-known former NFL player, but he was one of the first to begin advocating for medical cannabis. In 2014, he wrote an op-ed for the New York Times calling on the NFL to allow players to use cannabis. He has since started an organization to advocate medical cannabis use for former athletes.

9. Kyle Turley

After an eight-year NFL career, Turley developed a devastating painkiller addiction that led to a 20 year battle with depression. The only thing that helped him get out of that state was embracing medical cannabis. Now he works to help other athletes in similar circumstances and push medical cannabis for all.

8. Riley Cote

Cote is a former enforcer in the NHL who racked up a lot of physical damage over his playing career. He’s used medical cannabis to help overcome many of his injuries, and has even started an organization to help athletes discover the positives cannabis can do in their post-playing days.

7. Jake Plummer

After his ten-year career as an NFL quarterback, Plummer began to experience many medical issues related to his playing days. He realized that cannabis, and specifically CBD, could help ease many of his symptoms. He’s now called on the NFL to allow players to use medical cannabis to help with their injuries.

6. Jim McMahon

McMahon was the punk-y quarterback on the Super Bowl winning 1985 Chicago Bears. But in the years since his playing days, he’s dealt with several issues related to on-field concussions. In an interview with the Chicago Tribune, McMahon said the only way he’s able to deal with his injuries is medical cannabis.

5. Jay Williams

Williams is a former no. 2 overall NBA draft pick turned ESPN analyst who’s made no secret his support of medical cannabis. In an interview with Fox Business, he said he believes 80 percent of NBA players use cannabis despite what drug tests say, and says it’s far more preferable than making them use painkillers to extend their careers.

4. Ronda Rousey

The former UFC champion is known for taking no prisoners in the octagon. But she’s also come out swinging in favor of cannabis as well. After a UFC fighter was suspended for five years for a positive cannabis test, Rousey went on an epic rant talking about how keeping cannabis a banned substance was “bullshit”.

3. Bill Walton

If there are two things Walton is known for, it’s for making irrelevant comments during basketball games and his love for the Grateful Dead. So of course he supports cannabislegalization! In fact, he was even caught during a broadcast advocating for cannabis law reform before realizing he was live on television. But he’s also done so knowingly and willingly in public as well.

2. Steve Kerr

Kerr is the head coach of the Golden State Warriors in the NBA, and he’s known to often comment on political issues. But last December he made a big stand by admitting he’s used cannabis to help deal with recurring back pain. He also said he hopes the league softens its stand on cannabis. He’s perhaps the most prominent athlete to ever admit to use cannabismedicinally.

1. Ricky Williams

Perhaps the most famous stoner in professional sports history, many people believe Williams threw away his chance to become a star NFL running back due to suspensions for cannabis use. But since retiring, Williams’ has become an avid advocate for cannabis legalization, and often discusses how he believes allowing athletes to use cannabis would lead to increased performance.

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