Poll: Three In Four Utahns Support Legalizing Medical Cannabis

Utahns continue to show broad support for a proposed 2018 ballot initiative to legalize medical cannabis in the state, according to a new poll by The Salt Lake Tribune and the University of Utah’s Hinckley Institute of Politics.

The new survey finds 75 percent of Utah voters either strongly or somewhat support the proposed initiative, all but mirroring a July poll that had 77 percent of voters backing legalized medical cannabis.

The latest poll found that some 93 percent of the state’s Democrats support legalization, compared to a smaller majority of Republicans — 65 percent — who also back the idea.

And it appears support for medical cannabis is growing in Utah: A Tribune-Hinckley Institute poll commissioned in January found 54 percent of voters somewhat or strongly backed legalization.

“Things are trending in the right direction,” said DJ Schanz, executive director of the Utah Patients Coalition, the group organizing the ballot initiative.

“It’s a positive change in our state and across the country. We’re seeing such a positive [stance toward medical marijuana],” said Christine Stenquist, president of Together for Responsible Use and Cannabis Education (TRUCE), which is working to educate Utah voters on medical cannabis.


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